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The Wilson's Woodturnings Story

Hi, I'm Phil Wilson, owner of Wilson's Woodturnings. I started buying woodworking tools in the mid-80’s in response to the beginnings of teacher burn-out. It very quickly became very satisfying to use household and office items I had crafted in my little shop.  A dozen or so years later I tried my hand at turning, and liked it! I bought a small Jet lathe and started making pens and Christmas tree ornaments, and earring holders and I was hooked!  

As my skills improved and retirement approached, it seemed only logical to buy a beast of a lathe - a Powermatic 3520B - as a retirement present to myself. I've created and sold my projects since then, and enjoy trying out new things and making beautiful craft pieces that others can enjoy.  Making handmade crafts for others to enjoy brings me a lot of joy. A decade later, I still love all of the time I spend behind it, and all of the pieces I get to create using it!

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