Olive Wood Vase

Olive Wood Vase

This olive wood vase measures 7&1/2” tall and 4&1/4” at the rim. Several cracks appeared during turning, and I filled them with a mixture of epoxy and french roast coffee grounds. The coffee grounds color the epoxy just enough to make the cracks look like part of the grain pattern. I finished it with 2 coats of EnduroVar, a water based urethane from General Finishes. I followed that with Yorkshire Grit, and a carnauba wax buff to give it a warm feel and a glossy look. 

The last picture is the piece of olive log I started with. The before and after pictures are amazing! Who would have thought that warm olive wood vase was hiding in that dirty log?
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    The last photo shows the log I started with. I don’t usually include photos like this, but the contrast between the ugly black log and the beautiful warm olive wood that emerged was just too striking not to.

  Made with pride in Florida


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